We’re gonna be talking about three different emulators. The first one being nox next one being memu and lastly BlueStacks. What we’ll be doing is going over each emulator showcasing the interface. The quality of gameplay and other features that they bring to the table. The first we’ll be doing an overview of nox. I’m going to share my thoughts on Bluestacks vs Nox comparison and memu as well.

Overview of Nox Android Emulator 

Nox Emulator
Alright so getting to the interface of Nnox, the one thing we will say that’s pretty cool about is that it looks like an Android phone. The toolbar though is a bit confusing ,very extensive and it’s kind of hard to navigate because there’s so many buttons and another thing with the toolbar is the home button and the back button are probably the most important buttons, and right there at the bottom which is we guess. It’s easy to find for some people but it would be nicer if it were bigger or somewhere that’s easier to access.
Another thing with the interface is the home bar at the bottom .It actually shows recommended apps, it doesn’t show the apps that we actually downloaded and as you can see they’re the only game that we really have is lineage. Just to try it out and for the game play footage which you’re going to see later going into that when you do play a game or when you do start up a game there’s no real easy way to exit out other than pressing the home button.
It would be nicer if you there’s like an X at the top you can also hit escape but it would be cooler i there’s a nicer if there’s an easier way to quit game. Let’s head into game play right now. As you can see the gameplay is pretty crisp it’s that good quality. There are some like spikes here and there but you know the guess that goes with every emulator that you use that’s usually just based off the setup that we have. Specs of our computer pretty decent though and it’s fun.
Now getting into key mapping it’s a little bit tedious to do because you actually have to drag the keys down into like the controls or what you’re supposed to set your jaquise to and set the hot keys whereas it should be. It easier to input them but it’s not here. The fact that you have to individually put it, it’s kind of tedious and time wasting but we guess the upside is that you can customize it the way you want. It would have been nicer if they already had it preset and that’s coming from teachers that kind of want. It simple,we’re very simple. You just don’t put one two three four five and we’ll have to drag everything in zone so overall nox is a pretty decent emulator but we will be moving.
You can Download Nox Emulator from official website.

Overview of MEMU Android Emulator 

MEMO Emulator
MEMU right off the bat as you can see. This looks very similar to nox, the toolbar is Nozick’s tenth as extensive but there’s still quite a bit of things to go through. What’s nice about that is at the bottom it does show the back button the home button and it separates it so you know where to click if only if it were a little bit bigger. It’s like here’s the home button the case because they were like looking all over field. we need glasses but pretty good interface.It does remind me of an Android just like the other one it has the the apps that you need,that’s all the other thing we guess to mention. We don’t like that you have to actually go to the Play Store to get the game.It’s just a little weird.
It’s the same for the nox as well but as you can see here it does also do the recommended games because you only download it lineage but it says that we have king of Babylon and then Pirates of the Caribbean and slots that’s not like that. It would have been nice if they just had one. We downloaded get off homepage on the home page but what’s cool is that there’s a browser you can also manage your files and downloads and settings. That’s cool that all those specific things and all those useful features are at the bottom of the homepage. The gameplay right off the bat when we loaded lineage.
The thing is that it didn’t save our character which kind of sucked again we had to make a do to PayPal account mean we tried to fetch it but it would just wouldn’t fetch it. It’s like we get still farm this character it’s it’s all the same but we kind of wish that they were able to fetch our players data and we can continue on that main account especially since we waited for it to like load everything and then it said he was gonna fetch it and it didn’t but for a game play the myth as well yes it’s pretty good pretty good. There are like spikes we just have to mention that just so that you can understand that it’s not gonna be like the best like frame-rate you like all throughout. There are gonna be some like spikes and there’s a lot of stuff going on so and this is based off our computer our checks.
If you guys have like a monster of a computer you probably won’t run into those errors or issues but that’s all we had getting into the key mapping. Same thing very similar to nox individual key mapping you have to drag and drop each key to where you want us. We kind of just want to put the hot keys in that’s it. But it’d be nice if everything just laid out for us then we just input the keys that’s pretty much it you know it’s a simple interface. It’s also pretty decent so with that being said this interface is pretty decent but it does have its issues especially with the game that we’re trying to play on it but let’s move right into the last emulator which is BlueStacks.
You can Download Memu Emulator from official website.

Overview of BlueStacks Android Emulator 

BlueStacks Emulatori
As you can see with BlueStacks the interface is a lot cleaner it looks a little bit more up-to-date and they have their own app store.It looks easier on the eyes, it looks blue nice and cool to have there like that’s tabs are very well organized and everything and we’ll get into this later but there’s a thing called a picot world and pika points cool get into the after the tabs the App Center. It’s separate from the Google Play you know they have their own customized like Center for every app yeah that you could download also we’ve got popular games top grossing games trending and stuff like that. There as you can see on the my apps tab it actually shows the apps that we have,this is very well that we downloaded was lineage 2 that’s all like. It doesn’t show recommend it because there’s a separate tab for the App Center you know for you for you to search for on your own and there is another tab on the right it says picot world and once you click that it shows other players around here that are playing on BlueStacks. Its pretty also shows like who’s live so that’s pretty cool cuz yeah it’s changing yeah once you first download BlueStacks .
They automatically assist you to sign up with an avatar and what’s cool about this other than you know meeting new players because you can click on their profile and message them or like see what they’re playing kind of reminds us of Pokemon go for some reason. It does it’s pretty cool pika world what is also cool is that they have pika points all accumulates and basically every stuff basically every time you log in every time you download and every time you play a game yeah you earn pika points and then you can redeem those for awesome like items like t-shirts Mouse’s and other prizes if you want to enter in like raffles.There’s also an option for that so make sure you guys you know if you do use BlueStacks. Play every day so yeah get these it’s technically free you’re just grinding for pika points and then you get free stuff in a month that’s like 4,000 people points.
We’re on our way that’s pretty much it for the interface for BlueStacks. We are moving straight into the gameplay and as you guys can see the key mapping and we talked about it before easy just get it. That’s it once you hit the key map button on the bottom right it actually hasn’t Ling it out for you. You could add stuff at the top you can still dragging other things but for the most part it already has you know your WASD your movement and then all the special stuff and then your main moves. It’s all there and then all you have to do is just replace the keys if you want to simplicity you don’t have to use the key mapping though.
BlueStacks it already has it a default but if you want to customize you could definitely do that. The lag is also the same but you know that’s pretty standard especially with our computer.We just have to mention that the quality is good though gameplay quality like the resolutions and frame rate is pretty crisp as well so all across the board they’re all pretty much the same another thing with the toolbar at the bottom simple.There’s a couple button eyes away and there’s a home button on the opposite side and that’s that’s pretty much it and at the top to you there is a cab and this basically allows you to X out the game easily and you can have multiple tabs you could have multiple games open and if you don’t want to play that certain game all you have to do instead of like hitting the Escape key or finding another way to exit it’s up there at the top you can just exit the tab on and the game’s closed easy simple very simple simple Chuck but that’s pretty much for bluestacks. Overall very simple very easy to use and since this is a comparison we are gonna give our rating for the best.
You can download BlueStacks Emulator from official website.


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