The iPhone 7 brings a lot of cool improvements to the iPhone lineup.  We finally have a front facing speaker. The camera is a little bit better and it’s essentially waterproof but one of the key features still missing is wireless charging. This is how you can get wireless charging on the iPhone 7 as well as the 6 and 6s for just about $30. This is the wireless charging kit from Dan force. We’ll leave a link for it down below and it essentially comes with just two components. It includes the qi wireless charging disk and if you already have one that would work as well but the important part is the wireless charging receiver and this little receiver just plugs into the Lightning port on the bottom of the iPhone and it’s meant to wrap around to the back of the phone and be sealed down with a case but you have to make sure you use a fairly thin case.The case we are using is from blazed on and it’s basically just a knockoff of. Click here to buy Wireless iphone Charger at amazon.

The official Apple silicone case

wireless iphone chargerThe official Apple silicone case so if you have that one it would also work too but this one from I blaze on is much cheaper. Again we’ll leave a link for it but if you have a thick case it might not be able to connect to the wireless charger so just keep that in mind by other than that it does pretty much exactly what you would expect it would do. All you have to do is just drop the iPhone on the Qi charger and the blue light comes on indicating that it started charging and it’s really that easy as long as it’s somewhat near the center of the disk. It should be good to go wireless charging is just one of those things that you don’t even know you’re missing out on until you try it for yourself just the convenience of being able to drop your phone on the charger without having to fool around with any cables really makes it worth the price. However one thing to keep in mind is that it does take up the only lightning port on the iPhone 7.
If you use any lightning – audio connectors or just lightning headphones then you won’t be able to use the two at the same time other than that the wireless charging kit is really awesome, can see it being a really cool trick to show to your friends and it would make a great present for friends and family. So that’s about it for this very short review.


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