The original g502 proteus core from 2014 was RGB if we’d in 2016 and then got an upgrade to Logitech’s hero sensor in 2 018 but through all that time and certainly since the debut of the G 903 Lightspeed in 2017 g502 fans have been wondering when Logitech would finally cut the cord on their favorite Mouse and now that it’s here there’s really only one question has, Logitech left us any reason not to go wireless. Actually two questions, is there any reason not to check out our sponsor cable.  MA Just opened up a new factory and they now guarantee delivery in under two weeks.
Traditionally there have been three main reasons not to get a wireless mouse. Let’s start with the big one, latency does the new wireless g502 mouse introduce. Any extra delay between moving the mouse and seeing the response on the screen that is beyond what you’d get with the wired version because even a wire does have some latency. Answering this question is a little tough for us because we don’t have a warehouse full of the necessary scientific equipment to quantitatively measure Mouse latency to the degree that we’d like to. What we can test however is whether or not the average gamer will be able to tell the difference so we unleashed our fiercest keyboard warriors on a high performance gaming rig outfitted with one wired g502 hero and one wireless g502 light speed that had been mocked up to appear wired both of our mice were configured to the same DPI and our subjects were instructed to focus on just one variable latency.
We have it here on a lightspeed logitech mouse, they’re all here over this one for sure. wouldn’t be able to tell the difference if you told me they were the same Mouse we would believe you and we are pretty sure even if we had like a 240 Hertz display we would not be able to tell the difference. Just for some reason just something about it shows nicer to us if you had to guess which ones, we’re just guess like flipping a coin. What if they would have been paired guess we don’t,  wouldn’t have been able to tell the difference. If we gonna make a call we guess it would have to be this one. So that’s the wireless mouse.

Logitech G502 Lightspeed Wireless Mouse

Logitech G502 Lightspeed Review
That’s a wireless mouse and this is the wired one so then considering these test results the tournament winning pro gamers who use Logitech wireless mouses and the more quantitative demos that we’ve seen from Logitech themselves in the past. We’re convinced that there is in fact merit to Logitech’s claims that light speeds end-to-end optimized 2.4 gigahertz connection is indistinguishable from a wired connection. Let’s move on because latency isn’t everything another demerit against most wireless mice is weight a wireless mouse is required to carry an on board battery making it heavier. Its wired counterpart, it’s sort of by definition. If the g502 hero a mouse with the same shape size buttons and sensor tips. The scales at 121 grams already then how much would we expect the Light speed version to.
You might think that that’s a trick question and you’re expecting us to tell you. It’s the same weight but no Logitech has actually done us one better managing to make the wireless version seven grams lighter than its wired predecessors and this is while still managing up to sixty hours of game play on a single charge of its quick charging lithium-ion battery. Furthermore its power play compatible so if you get the wireless charging mouse-pad you’ll never have to think about charging at all. Then how did they do that, turns out with great difficulty seakeeping the exact same exterior while redesigning all of the internals is likely the main reason that fans had to wait this long for this mouse because despite their near identical look apparently the only component that wasn’t altered in some way actually the slippy skates on the bottom of the mouse. While a typical Mouse gets its structural integrity from the outer shell, this ones walls had to be cut down to just one point two millimeters thick.
Then tomaintain its rigidity Logitech used a lightweight internal endoskeleton. This is a similar design to what they use on the g pro Wireless then again borrowing from the G Pro Wireless they added very subtle but appreciated mechanical spring button tensioning to the left and right clicks removing pre-travel and helping the button recover from a click faster and with more precision and even like this, this is crazy even the scroll wheel was altered. It’s lighter but it’s manages to feel the same. There’s a gap there’s a cap in the middle so alright wait and latency aren’t on issues but what about the third and final Wireless woh price.
Well unfortunately this is the g502 light speeds gotcha moment because like the ji 903 and the G Pro Wireless. This puppy is a hundred and fifty US dollars nearly double the price of its wired cousin which raises an important question if you’re going to spend that much. Then is this the best gaming mouse that you want and that really depends because the thing is for many gamers even the new g502 with its seven grams of weight shed is still way too heavy popular gaming mice from competitors like final mouse are much lighter along with being much cheaper and Logitech themselves has the G Pro Wireless which is the same price but only 80 grams with that said if you love.
The shape of the g502, you need eleven programmable buttons and you can’t live without a hyper fast scroll wheel then this could be the last Mouse that you ever buy and who knows maybe you can recoup some of the cost by selling the wired version. That you’re probably already using speaking of already using if you’re not already using ting then go check them out. Ting is the mobile carrier that’s focused on customer service and customer satisfaction.
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