This is a very quick review of the Logitech wireless mouse and have been using this for the past of one week. The model is called m1 h5 and as you can see we’ve already unbox this package. All we get in this package is a small leaflet with some features listed on this the mouse itself and a nano receiver. We also get some information on the warranty. The design is fairly simple and it has two click buttons the left and the right click and in the middle there is a scroll wheel which is again clickable. On the bottom side of this mouse we see a power button to turn on the mouse or to turn it off and there is an optical sensor here which is invisible light and has a resolution of thousand dpi when compared to a gaming mouse like this which is the Logitech g40 to the DPI.This mouse is pretty low but having said that this mouse is pretty good for dowsing activities and also for video editing stuff.

Details about Logitech Wireless Mouse

logitech mouses

This mouse is a plug-and-play so there is no need to install any drivers or software’s manually. It works on 2.4 gigahertz frequency band and works within a range of about 10 meters. We did not experience
any delays or dropout so far and it has also been mentioned on this leaflet that the batteries will almost last for 12 months which is very good and this mouse is compatible with most of the operating
systems. It is listed that it is compatible with Windows 7 8 10 Mac OS Linux and Chrome OS. The form factor is a small when compared to the normal Mouse having said that this mouse is very ergonomic and it is very comfortable beneath the palm and very easy to operate. We got used to the small form
factor within a day or so.

This has most  symmetrical design and can be operated with either the left hand or right hand and it’s very easy to use and this nano receiver is pretty small and we can just plug this onto our laptop and just leave it there without having to fear of getting lost also there is a small slot inside this mouse
here wherein we can plug in this receiver when not in use and close the lid. This will be very useful while traveling and carrying the mouse regarding the tracking performance of this mouse. We would say it’s very good. We were able to easily navigate the menus and clicks which is on our monitor as well the clicks are also very responsive.

In case if you are looking out for a budget Mouse then definitely it’s worth checking. This mouse so that’s all we had to say about this Mouse.


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