It’s a heartbreaking fact but it’s a fact nonetheless metal gear will never be the same again even if by some miracle. Konami does ever decide to bring the franchise back unless they just want to sit on a moneymaker for no discernible reason without the guiding hand of the mad genius named Hideo Kojima. The series will just be different difference however doesn’t have to mean that it’ll be bad and assuming that we do get a Metal Gear Solid 6. In the next few years there’s certain things that we’d like to see in this feature will be formulating a wish list of sorts for the hypothetical Metal Gear Solid 6.
When we talk about some things we’d like to see it do and not do before in the second half of the
feature moving on to talk about a few of these story lines. It could be focused on in any one of our ideal scenarios. The first of all it needs to exist but here are 15 things that it needs to do no open-world.

Major Details of Metal Gear Solid 5

Metal Gear Solid 5
Metal Gear Solid 5 is a divisive game for many reasons and among those reasons is its adherence to an open-world formula while some feel that the ambitions were impressive and the desire to go bigger was laudable. There are many who feel that the execution just wasn’t right for whatever reason design choices development crunch issues with the publisher. The Phantom Pain’s open world felt vast and empty even if the dozens upon dozens of systems made it fun to just mess about and as such we’re hoping that should we ever get a Metal Gear Solid 6 it’ll ditch the open-world design philosophy and go back to a linear narrative driven approach indoor levels.
This is in many ways an extension of our previous point Metal Gear Solid has always been at its best when it has put players in indoor environments or tighter once at any rate if not exactly indoors the vast open stretches of the phantom pain could make for some experimental options but that game too often shined the best when it put players into large indoor stealth gauntlets if Metal Gear Solid 6 will indeed it not be open-world as we discussed then by default it’ll have more of the indoor tighter levels. The series used to be full of but if for some reason it is open-world we’re hoping that the main missions at the very least will take us into tighter spaces to stealth around in systemic stealth for all the things that the phantom pain didn’t do as well as it could have the one thing it nailed to perfection was just how systemic every single aspect of its gameplay was and how all of those systems constantly kept interacting with each other to deliver some of the most impressive and engaging emergent gameplay we’ve ever seen certainly. Before breath of the wild came out the phantom pain was the benchmark for how to do systemic emergent gameplay right in an open-world setting but even though we’d prefer for Metal Gear Solid 6 to not to be open-world we would still like it to keep its stealth completely systemic the way that it was in the phantom pain David Hayter since 1998.
Metal Gear Solid 6 details
David Hayter has been nearly as synonymous with Metal Gear Solid acid a Okajima himself. The quite at the same level but fans of the series have considered him to be a vital part of the experience as such when he was replaced by Kiefer Sutherland in the phantom pain who probably would have been able to be much more impressive had he actually been given more stuff to work with fans didn’t take kindly to his absence if and when Metal Gear Solid 6 is ever made and if either Solid Snake or Big Boss are a part of its story having David Hayter involved with the project would have to be an absolute no-brainer online Metal Gear Solid fives online component to the fo B’s might have given some enjoyment and mileage to several fans but in the larger scheme of things it was ultimately completely unnecessary.
It didn’t contribute much hand at the end of the day felt like it had been shoehorned in just so that the game could check that online box if Metal Gear Solid 6 is to have a multiplayer component. Here’s hoping it’ll be better thought-out than the one in the phantom pain was Metal Gear Online speaking of online in tal Gear Solid 5 the FO B’s weren’t the only multiplayer feature. There was also a new rendition for Metal Gear Me Online and as anyone who’s played it would tell you it wasn’t very good wasn’t terrible by any means but compared to what Metal Gear Online had been in the past. It just failed to grab attention the way that it could and should have.
Here’s what Metal Gear Solid 6 needs to do with online either make it better or you know just remove it timers even outside of the online.There was stuff and mother-base in the phantom pain that had annoying design decisions like the timer’s building and upgrading your mother base and different sections and components could easily have been dependent entirely on resources and how much of those have to be paid but the game and all of its wisdom decided to attach an annoying timer mechanic to it. Our hope remains that Metal Gear Solid 6 will simply do away with such unnecessary shenanigans focus on story.
This more than anything else maybe other than its ending is the biggest issue that people have with the phantom pain how it took a series that had been known for a huge focus on story and storytelling with cutscenes that could be ridiculously long at times and basically went in the complete opposite direction for veteran fans of the series. It felt like a betrayal of metal gears identity sure without Kojima. The series might not have that same flare in flights of outlandish fantasy again but hopefully the hypothetical Metal Gear Solid 6 will go back to a story centric game like Metal Gear is supposed to be but if that does happen, what could its story focus on.
There’s always the possibility that Konami takes it in completely new directions but there’s also plenty of opportunities to go back to and explore the past of several events and characters in the series that we’d like to know more about, So from here on out we’ll be discussing a few possible directions the series could take really whichever one the series goes with if it goes with any of them and if it ever comes back would be ASIS in our book Cobra unit. The boss and her Cobra unit were a huge presence in Metal Gear Solid 3 and the game ingeniously told us just enough about their backstories to get us hooked but not enough to leave everything properly explained back when Kojima was still at Konami. He had ideas for a prequel Metal Gear game that would be the first in a series as chronology and focus on the boss and the Cobra unit during the events of world war ii and really that’s a prospect that’ll make any Metal Gear fan salivate getting to know more about the unit about the sorrow about the boss about relationship and eventually even about the birth of ocelots.
preview of Metal Gear Solid 6
who wouldn’t want to see a game with all of that the philosophers deeply tied with the story of Snake Eater and the Cobra unit. Of course the story of the philosophers before the Patriots before even cypher there were the philosophers the organization that gave birth to it all that’s in more ways than one to find so much of what happened in essentially the entire series and while Metal Gear Solid 3 spoke of them and their legacy quite a bit how amazing would it be to see a game focused completely on them and their formation going further back in the series’s chronology and explaining its lore and mythology even further isn’t something any Metal Gear fan would be averse to and really what better way to do that then flesh out the story of the formation of the Philosopher’s snake in Ryden another time frame a potential sequel could focus on is the gap between Sons of Liberty and guns of the Patriots in a game that could potentially serve us a two-pronged story focusing on both ridin and Solid Snake.
Both characters went through some really interesting things before Metal Gear Solid 4 snake who was hunting down information about the Patriots while also dealing with the onset of accelerating aging and ridin. Who was essentially remade into a cyborg ninja and was completely transformed from how we saw him last in Metal Gear Solid 2 seeing a story focused equally on both of them and their journeys would certainly be an excellent set up cipher the gap between Metal Gear Solid 3 and peace Walker is also a big one and as we all know a great deal of stuff happens in that period the formation of cypher. The beginnings of the let off on tardy blade project the falling outs of major zero and big boss.
There’s a lot of interesting stuff that a game said in that time period and focusing on those things could do and speaking of Big Boss. Big Boss the phantom pain gave us a serious thirst for a game revolving around big boss for reasons that shall not be named because well venom snake was never really big boss to begin with was he and we know that during that time and after it big boss was building heaven and that he would eventually go back to joining Foxhound before the events of Metal Gear. Even if it was as a covert operative which is an assumption but then again that’s the only assumption that makes any real sense so maybe seeing a game based on big boss during those years wouldn’t be the worst. Thing in the world in fact a ton of Metal Gear fans would like to see a game that connects the events of the phantom pain with those portrayed in the original MSX Metal Gear Solid is snake solidus snake made true patriot.
A man who is really fighting the good fight all along let’s just ignore that he was fighting it in the worst way possible really we never got enough of solidus not nearly as much as we would have liked and I’m sure we speak for the vast majority of Metal Gear fans when we say that a game featuring solidus as the primary character before he became the president maybe even during the Liberia war where he first met right and would be an excellent narrative set up grey fox.Gray fox is one of the most enigmatic hand as a results one of the most popular characters in the Metal Gear franchise having served an important role in the series on more than one occasion. It’s no surprise that there’s a lot of series fans who would want to see a game delving into his past a little more. Sure we’ve got portable ops even though whether or not it is canon is still up for debate but what about a game that goes deeper into the events before Metal Gear Solid 1 perhaps not a game that focuses entirely on grey fox but a little more background on the character and his history which surely be appreciated by a lot of series fans.


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